The Finest Pizza Pie in Yachats!

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We use the freshest ingredients in all our Pizza and Side Orders creations. You are invited to bring the whole family when you come and we know you will relish any item you may choose from our menu selections.

Outta Gas Pizza is a great venue for birthdays, reunions, and parties of all types. Every section of Outta Gas Pizza is equipped with big screen TV's.

The "big room" has the largest screen in Lincoln County for enjoying sporting events and movies, etc. Our jukebox has everything you might want to listen to, and our sound system is "tops"!

Locals and Visitors enjoy our full size shuffleboard table and kids love to learn how to play. Not to mention our pool table, and dart boards.

Reservations are not necessary, but if you are coming with a big group, it might be a good idea to call ahead so we can provide you with the best experience for your event.

Outta Gas Pizza is open every day Except Tuesdays

Outta Gas Pizza serves an impressive selection of the most popular, and coldest of beers. We have dozens of brands and flavors to suit every discerning palette. If you prefer the bouquet of a fine wine, you will be pleased to experience the options available to all connoisseurs, and "grape lovers" alike.

1685 Highway 101 North, Yachats, Oregon 97498
Phone: 541-547-4424